Luxury home accessories by Jonathan Charles are designed and created by the very same artisans who craft our furniture and so are equally as stunning down to the finest of finishes and details. Although each piece is crafted to complement Jonathan Charles furniture, our ornaments, mirrors, lighting and décor will intertwine seamlessly within other interior schemes. Whether you’re seeking a sculpture statement or a luxe decorative piece, our extensive array of home accessories are curated to cater to a variety of styles, offering stunning finishing touches to make an interior unique.


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  1. JC Modern - Indochine

    Foo Dog Ornament

  2. Curated

    Celestial Deity Figurine in Antique Finish

  3. Curated

    Turtle Figurine Box with Hatchling

  4. Curated

    King Kong Statue on Base

  5. Versailles

    Wall Mirror Adam Style

  6. JC Modern - Luxe

    Round Mirror Contemporary with Square Frame

  7. JC Modern - Luxe

    Wall Mirror Contemporary Inverted Arch

  8. Curated

    German Shepherd Dog Figurine

  9. Curated

    Bookends Foo Dog

  10. Curated

    Rhino Figurine on Base

  11. JC Modern - Luxe

    Round Mirror Modernist

  12. Versailles

    Oval Wall Mirror Georgian Irish

  13. Versailles

    Small Round Mirror Water Gilded

  14. Versailles

    Large Round Mirror Water Gilded

  15. Versailles

    Overmantle Mirror Water Gilded

  16. Versailles

    Small Wall Mirror Sunburst

  17. Versailles

    Large Wall Mirror Sunburst

  18. Versailles

    Floor Mirror Water Gilded

  19. Versailles

    Wall Mirror Water Gilded

  20. Versailles

    Floor Mirror Sunburst

  21. Versailles

    Wall Mirror Louis Xv

  22. Versailles

    Wall Mirror Sunburst

  23. JC Modern - Luxe

    Table Lamp Gothic Trellis

  24. Curated

    Nude Girl Figurine Bookends

31 Items

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Set Descending Direction
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