Furniture Care Guide

The Very Best

Jonathan Charles use only the very best materials, from sustainable sources, going out of their way to bring out the natural beauty with each piece. They are incredibly self-sufficient within their factory and out-sourcing is kept to a minimum. If they can make it, then they do including - but not limited to - the making of their own locks, keys, screws and hinges. This gives them greater control over the quality and the details of our product; it truly is all about the detail.

Inspired by History

Jonathan Charles go to great lengths to make each piece of furniture appear as if it were an original antique. Many antiques look great on the outside but structurally the adhesives and materials used are beginning to show the test of time. Use your furniture normally; it can take a coffee cup or a glass of wine, but treat it with respect, as you would a 200 year old antique. For example, standing a plant pot directly on the wood surface is not advised as the moisture over a period of a day or so will leave a mark, so please stand it on a plate.




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