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Chest of Drawers

Handmade & hand-finished, our vast & varied collection of luxury chests of drawers, dressers and bedside cabinets are synonymous with the Jonathan Charles brand, providing an array of beautiful inlays, rich visual textures and delicate details that tie together an interior scheme. Offering both modern and traditional designs, each chest of drawers is fashioned to complement a Jonathan Charles bed frame, whether that be by material, finish or unique hand-carved framework, enabling you to create a complete bedroom interior that works seamlessly and effortlessly across all aspects and areas of a room.

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  1. JC Modern - Alexander Julian

    Dresser Tartan

  2. JC Modern - Geometric

    Tall Chest of Drawers Transitional

    From £2,696.00

  3. JC Modern - Ebony

    Bedside Chest of Drawers Lustre

  4. JC Modern - Ebony

    Oval Chest of Drawers Lustre

  5. JC Modern - Corniche

    Bedside Table Doha in Oak

    From £2,023.00

  6. JC Edited - Architects House

    Chest of Drawers Architectural in Leather

    From £1,791.00

  7. JC Edited - Artisan

    Dresser Eclectic

    From £3,980.00

  8. JC Edited - Artisan

    Bedside Chest of Drawers Eclectic with Marble Top

    From £2,126.00

  9. JC Edited - Artisan

    Chest of Drawers Eclectic with Marble Top

    From £2,723.00

  10. JC Modern - Bayswater

    Chest of 9 Drawers Ivory Faux Shagreen

  11. JC Modern - Bayswater

    Chest of Drawers Ivory Faux Shagreen

  12. JC Modern - Bayswater

    Chest of 3 Drawers Ivory Faux Shagreen

  13. JC Modern - Bayswater

    Dresser Ivory Faux Shagreen

  14. Nottinghamshire

    Chest of Drawers Sherwood

  15. Chatsworth

    Chest of Drawers Bakewell

  16. Monte Carlo

    Bedside Table Monaco

  17. Monte Carlo

    Chest of Drawers Monaco

  18. Monte Carlo

    Chest of 6 Drawers Monaco

  19. Monte Carlo

    Dresser Monaco

  20. JC Modern - Santos

    Oval Chest of Drawers with Brass Art Deco

    From £1,663.00

  21. JC Modern - Santos

    Double Concave Chest of Drawers

    From £3,004.00

  22. Buckingham

    Chest of Four Drawers Rococo


Items 1-36 of 200

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