Furniture Brands International Confirm Distribution Partnership
with Jonathan Charles Furniture.

Feburary 2019

Furniture Brands International (FBI) have confirmed their distribution partnership with American furniture brand, Jonathan Charles Furniture. FBI will be responsible for the distribution and allocation of all Jonathan Charles Furniture collections to interior designers, customers and retailers across the United Kingdom.

Following increasing international success, the distribution of Jonathan Charles Furniture has been entrusted to FBI in great confidence, dedicating a sole company to take the lead in distributing and supplying fine furniture pieces to customers across the UK. This partnership welcomes a number of benefits including shorter lead times and quicker delivery timescales, with the same standard of UK support and customer care that Jonathan Charles clients are familiar with.

Jonathan Charles Furniture has a UK designated website, offering an all-inclusive retail arm for individual customers and digitalised accounts for trade clients. The newly formed trading arm of Pavilion Broadway, Furniture Brands International is soon to display a selection of Jonathan Charles furniture pieces in an inspirational show space within Pavilion Broadway’s flagship Cotswold showroom.